Home Birth Supply List

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Please have these items ready prior to your home visit at 37 weeks. If you are planning a water birth please ask for extra instructions.

Essential:   Helpful: FOR BABY:For the Water Birth:

You will need to consider several factors when planning a water birth or labouring in the water at home.

Herbal Bath

The herbal bath is highly recommended for every woman following childbirth, to help prevent infection and aid in healing.

Place herbs (uva ursi, shepherd’s purse, comfrey) in an old sock or nylon to aid in straining after cooking then place in water in a medium stock pot. Fill the pot to the top with water and bring to almost a boil. Then allow it to steep for at least two hours and keep the liquid solution. Place the liquid in a container and store in the freezer. Then repeat the above process using the same herbs as this will make enough for 2 baths. The remaining ingredients (garlic and sea salt) are put fresh into the bath the day you intend to use it. Use half the garlic and sea salt for each bath.

The garlic and sea salt help the bath prevent infection. Uva ursi is a specific for healing a woman’s reproductive organs. It is very healing and soothing. Shepherd’s purse is excellent for preventing and controlling excessive bleeding. Comfrey is used in healing and heals and soothes raw tissue.

The baby should be put in the bath with you. The herb bath will start the healing process of the cord stump, and it may drop off in as early as three days. In this bath, your baby will become mellow, and may even smile. The infant will unfold, stretch and float in the lovely weightless, warmness of the water. It’s wonderful to watch the baby’s pure joy at finding something so familiar and enjoyable in this new world. Caress and speak softly to the baby. The infant will love this communication and will respond by total eye contact and facial expressions. When the infant is taken out of the bath, they should be patted dry, not rubbed. Dress them in soft, warm things. Put the baby to bed with you and let them cuddle up.