For use by Midwifery Practice Groups to obtain verbal consent from unaccommodated clients to collectand disclose personal information The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care — which provides funding for the Ontario Midwifery Program — would like to obtain information on the demand for midwifery services around the province. To help the Ministry get the information it needs, we have agreed to ask individuals we are unable to be accommodated at our Practice Group whether they would be willing to provide some basic personal information and consent to the disclosure of this information — specifically, name, birth date, postal code, and expected date of birth. This information will be collected through the Better Outcomes Registry and Network (BORN), a prescribed registry that collects information related to maternal, infant and child health. BORN also administers the Midwifery Invoicing System on behalf of the Ministry. The Ministry needs this information in order to properly conduct a study that will assist in future planning for midwifery services across the province.

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Do you have any questions? Would you be willing to provide your name, birth date, postal code, and expected date of birth to give us your consent to enter this information into BORN? [Midwives of Windsor] If you later have any questions or concerns about us collecting or disclosing this information, don't hesitate to call us back at 519.252.4784. Thank you so much for your help.